The Singles Mosaic is a social club for professional singles offering affordable and enjoyable activities for separated, divorced, widowed and single men and women. Now in its 14th year of operation, we continue to hold strong in our philosophy to build bridges of friendship to replace walls of loneliness. We offer well organized, exciting social events as a balance to your ever busy family and work lives. Whether your agenda is to enjoy a well planned social life or to expand your social circle - we offer the opportunity to do so.

We are based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and our ages range from 45 to 75 with a large number of active participants. Join now and become part of one of the most successful social clubs around. We consider our club an alternative to the bar or singles dance scene. We are not a dating service, but we have had 123 "graduates" who have met and married while in the membership of The Singles Mosaic.
In January, we publish an event flyer which outlines our events for the upcoming year. You can obtain a copy at any event you attend or simply go to our website to keep informed and updated . The events are within everyone's budget and because we have your favorite events within each month, you can plan around the days when you are with your children or have to deal with job demands.

Our motto is "A Planned Social Life is a Happy One !".   Before committing to a membership, we encourage you to attend one of our Networking events held most Thursdays. To find out when and where our next Networking event is click here.

To register call Diona at (905) 333-4498 / (888) 334-4449 or you can E-mail us at

The Singles Mosaic